Revolve One Takeover: Vote with PRIDE | Voting In America as an LGBT+ Individual

In our latest episode of Revolve One, we handed over the mic for a special Takeover Episode! ⁣
With October being LGBTQIA+ History Month, Jonathan Swindle and Joe Kelley discuss important issues as they bring the perspective of the marginalized LGBTQIA+ community to the forefront. ⁣

As Jonathan hosts the show, he learns more about Joe—from his adolescence to early adulthood and beyond. Throughout their conversation, they find out more about each other as they delve into the generational gap and how it affects their views. No matter their political views, they both understand and share the belief that it is paramount to go vote! Make your voice heard especially if you are of the new generation. ⁣

In the midst of sharing their various experiences, some important truths are heard. ⁣
Indeed, what a wonderful freedom it is to just be who you are!

We are so grateful Jonathan and Joe allowed us the opportunity to collaborate with them on this special episode. Despite the divisiveness of a chaotic election year, this platform seeks to amplify the voices of our community so that we may come together to celebrate our differences.

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